Tracks and trees

Children come,
and gather round.
By the fire,
safe and sound.
Let me tell,
where we left off
With the orcs,
that looked so tough.
Ajani went
up the wall,
To look
and see them all.
He fiercely removed
some wooden boards,
to shed some light
on the hoards.
The orcs were cooking
up a trap,
so we were told,
To watch our step!
We still went in
and Mazmoir fell,
But we fought back hard,
and fought them well!
Things went easier
than Ajani foresaw,
Mazmoir was cooked,
but still raw!
The next door
sounded scary,
you bet your bum,
it came out hairy!
We tried to trap
the wolf that it had.
Turned out,
it was someone’s pet!
The wolf was scary
but also daft,
he fell for our trap
and we all laughed!
But the bigger orc
that was his boss,
hit me hard,
my conscience loss.
Marvin fed me
back to life,
I told that story
to his wife!
After a good ol’
night of sleep,
we found some tracks
into the deep!
The forest held
scary things to see,
even little critters
leapt at me!
We found out that,
our own furry friend,
felt some weird presence
at the end.
but we still went on
and what did we see?
A circle of mushrooms,
and a big oak tree!
in front of that oak
there lays a book,
and next time I’ll tell,
if we gave it a look…


DaveyvdBerg reinoutmartijnhaank

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