Mazmoirs Diary

The adventures of Mazmoir and his minions:

Dear diary,
After we slept well after defeating the colossus monster we had a argument about what to do next.
Some were King fans and some Lenix. But I don’t like the king though. He threw me in jail and wanted me dead for something I didn’t even do. After some discussion we decided to hunt down the elves in the forest who were busy with their lab as Lenix told us.
Garick knew what he was doing to track down the elves for us and finds the cabin as described by Lenix.
Adjani and Darius went to the cabin as we were hiding in the bushes for a possible ambush. And it sure was a ambush. This was written all over it. At first a ball of fire came out of the door burning the two. When suddenly arrows as well came out of the trees heading to Adjani and Darius. I was busy to track down the two that were hiding in the trees. As soon as I found one I charged at him to take him out as quickly as possible. With some help from my minions we killed them very quickly and I was so awesome that they couldn’t hit me at all. They were also trying to say something but I really don’t know what. That filthy race should talk common like we all do! We also took one of them in custody to tell us what they were up to.
The elf told us that their boss was called Falafel? And they were searching for things in the ground. But since he was a muscle he didn’t know that much. Only about some black liquid. We were walking down stairs for a while after talking to the elf and eventually killing him as well. When as followed entered a room where some giant ugly things were chained and commanded by a not so strong elf to work hard. We decided to take them down. And we did. But a magician interfered while doing so. But he also didn’t stood a chance and chained him up to tell us everything. And what he told us changed something for us because this was an operation from Reward :O So if this came up to light we had to choose sides………


DaveyvdBerg jordy_lavieren

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