Brysark Ardor

Half-Elf Eldritch Knight


“A grim figure wanders lonely through the streets. Small, pointy pieces of skin protruding his long, dark and unkept hair, indicate his mixed blood origin. A tattered old cloak covers most, but not all of the dark, worn out armor he dons. A long sword on his back only hints at what else may be hidden underneath the old cloak.

The people in front of him look at him mistrustfully while those behind him start to whisper. It doesn’t matter to him. He is not there to make appearances, to gain recognition. He is there to help them without them even knowing."

Brysark Ardor is a half-elven warrior skilled both in melee and mystical combat. Rather dark in both his appearance as his personality, he cares for the world even though he feels there is no place in it for him. He hunts for things that lurk in the shadows, things that some people will have never even heard of in their lifetime. Ever since he was a young boy he has been trained by the Order of the Forlorn, a forgotten order that has vowed to protect the world when it was founded and had never stopped doing so unlike general belief. The life of the Order was all that Brysark could remember, even though it had been different long ago. However, his story only begun where the old life had ended.

At a young age his home was raided by vampires. A vampire hunter that was chasing this particular group had arrived just in time to save Brysark, though he had been too late to save the young half elf’s parents. The vampire hunter, a young man named Fannin Eramsen, could not leave the youngling to fend for himself after the attack. Unable to find a foster home for the boy, Fannin decided to bring him along to be at his side, where he would at least be safe.

Fannin was Forlorn, and he took the child to The Mansion, the headquarters of the ancient Order of the Forlorn. Even though the Order had changed drastically since its inception several ages ago, its creed had remained the same; “To protect the world from dangers beyond”. The Mansion, and the Order, would become Brysark’s new home and family. It is here that he would be schooled and trained in combat every day in order to eventually become some sort of bounty hunter. The bounties, however, were unusual ones. The Forlorn would hunt monsters and all kinds of abominations in order to protect the people from their evil, and all of this with a high level of secrecy for it was best to leave the people ignorant.

Brysark was the youngest ‘recruit’ in a long time. The young age at which his training began enabled him to become one of the most skilled members in the ranks of the Order. While Fannin took care of Brysark as if it were his own child, he would also become his mentor and teach him in the ways of the Fighter.

While Fannin would tutor him in combat, the leader of the Order, Alastor Starcrest, would teach Brysark about different monsters and how to find and fight them, while occasionally diverging to one of his tales of the history of the Forlorn. In his schooling, Brysark joined Enavan, who was the son of Alastor and the newest recruit of the Order before he himself had been brought there. Both of them being initiates, Enavan and Brysark soon took a liking to each other and they would become close friends during the course of their training, they would even chase bounties together in the future.

Brysark Ardor

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