The barkskin remains

A letter from Marvin

Dear Mother,

I let my trust misguide my sense for the truth. I thought Erki was so nice to help us, but he has been lying to us. His real god isn’t Corellon it is Cort. I should have known. It also turns out he is working for Lennex Syndertoorn. He has to deliver a proposition to the underdark. If they help him fight in the war they will get a piece of land on the surface as a reward. We are not going to help Erki anymore. So he is now alone in the underdark, I don’t think he’ll survive long.
We went back to Sir Braford and Sharwyn, nothing really changed, they still looked so emotionless. It was weird to not have a sense of what someone is feeling or thinking. We tied a rope around them and took them back to the tree. Belaks body was still lying there. We had no other choice than to chop the tree down. Masmoir took his great axe and chops the tree down in no time. He’s got a lot of muscle in that little body of him. It didn’t help though. Because Braford and Sharwyn where now lying on the ground motionless. In the middle of the tree there was a magic stake, we destroyed that but without result. Healing also had no effect. Sooo… We decided to make a stretcher to carry the two.
On the way up we encountered Durn, he now had more guards. Three crosses were next to Durn with people hanging on it, with the Stanehold logo on them, one of them was Erik. Ajani carefully tried to free Eric, while Garrick and Darius performed a perfect distraction, but to no avail. So we attack. Masmoir throws one of the hobgoblins in the pit, Garrick frees Eric and Ajani is firing away with sizzling beams of who knows what. Darius his words hurt, but his rapier hurts even more. And when Garrick his arrows hit, they hit hard. Eventually we went back to where the Kobolts reside.
I am very glad I met these great fighters. They seem to quite like me as well, I presume it’s because I also prove to be of some use. So mother I think I finally made some friends, I will send you money as soon as I am back in Stanehold.

Best regards, your son.


DaveyvdBerg jana_de_jongh

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