Greed and Deed

Boys and Girls,
Giants and Dwarves,
Come closer to the fire.
gather your souls,
your eyes and ears,
for this tale about desire.
The heroes from which,
you’ve already heard,
were met by glazing eyes.
Sir Braffort,
and Ashwin too,
were close to their demise.
But still,
my Friend, Ajani
Was missing a smaller girl.
A daughter to one,
A sister t’ another,
hopefully not a burl!
Ajani looks further,
and finds a hole,
in which he finds a glass.
no thing like bones,
an awful thing to cross.

Just a little potion,
that replenishes his health,
drank away in stealth!
And while I then said,
what a thing to do,
Mazmoir made a move too!
He swung his giant axe,
right against that tree.
then our rescuees got hurt,
Like an arrow to the knee!

“Stop, you baffoon!”
Gerrick quickly said.
If you go on this way,
they’ll surely end up dead!
So Mozmoir stopped,
and we all thought,
what we’d do after.
make them follow us,
away from the tree,
or fill them up with laughter?
We tried our best,
and got them away,
but to little effect, it’s sad.
we tried to rest,
but not even time changed
them for good or bad.
We continued with our quests,
and found a room with books.
some scrolls were found,
and be amazed!
a book with dragon looks.
After this,
we find ourselves,
in a room with a glow.
but do not be afraid,
for that light,
but fear that shadow!
Marvin saw,
something move,
and went to investigate.
But when he wanted,
to draw back,
it was already too late.
A shadow leapt,
from the wall,
fighting all our friends.
But the jokes on him,
and we fought,
through his defence.
Back to the statue,
a dragon with red eyes.
reflected the light on a tile,
but nothing to our surprise!
Then Ajani sat down,
and spoke some words,
that he suddenly could read.
engulfed in flames,
he came out alright,
but don’t try that at home tonight!
After this all,
a hallway in sight.
holes too small for a man,
but trough it shines a light.
I remember a light,
that I had seen before.
But we couldn’t get through this,
without a door.
Little did we know,
we were in for a fight.
so we searched for ways,
to get to that light!
When all options were considered,
and nothing with success,
Mazmoir felt we should blow,
the wall in a mess!
And although I am a man of words,
deeds count for all.
so I blew,
right into the wall.
Silly old me,
I got caught by surprise.
when a fiery worm,
sought our demise!
“Gerrick to the rescue!”
Must he have thought,
but shot Mazmoir in the back,
Amused, the dwarf was not.

After some struggle,
we shot the worm down.
out came two sapphires,
fit for a crown.
But Ajani got greedy,
and wanted some more.
so we sought the old light,
to settle a score.
We fought the new dragon
without breaking a sweat,
but all of the monies,
was taken by Ajani, how bad!
Aother room, another room!
this room, needed a broom!
we found another dragon,
but dust had set,
on the plate I wanted,
to balance on my head.
All kinds of effort was taken,
to slow my dance down.
but long story short,
it fit like a crown.
I must say thought,
Marvin can climb!
but all it actually did,
was costing us time.
But then things grew dark,
as we all felt it was right,
to finally help,
our friend Ericky tonight.
We went down some stairs,
and were greeted by rats.
Mazmoir heard voices,
told him to kick our heads!

but all the rats were slayed,
like cards they were played,
but we needed rest,
to go on with our date.
We found a nice spot,
and laid ourselves there.
a little sleep could no harm,
so we could get back to arm.
and while we slept,
some mushrooms crept,
and our faith had turned,
as Ericky might want us dead!
You hear this right,
as amazed as were we,
Coralon was never the God,
for our Ericky!


DaveyvdBerg reinoutmartijnhaank

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